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Oakmont Physiotherapy Clinic, serving Vancouver for over 20 years, started with a single devoted physiotherapist eager to ease her community's physical pain and movement issues. Today, we have evolved into a multidisciplinary rehab clinic, dedicated to restoring your well-being and mobility!


Under new ownership since 2016, our family-owned clinic is committed to being accessible while providing top-notch services. We use eco-friendly practices to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure you enjoy a comfortable, clean and healing space.


Our passionate professionals have a single-minded focus on getting you back to doing what you love. All treatments are one-to-one, hands-on and 30 minutes or longer. That's right, no leaving you passively hooked up to a machine for half your session! Book your appointment now and experience our commitment to your rehabilitation journey.



Pain is very effective at telling you something is wrong. And that's about it.

It won’t tell you how it started, what’s keeping it in pain or what will resolve it.


You might think the answer to fixing that pain is on the Internet somewhere. Maybe you've already tried the stretching, hot/cold packs, medication and "How to fix XYZ pain" on Youtube but nothing seems to work. The truth is, your pain is pretty unique to you!


If three of you have shoulder pain, there's at least three different causes to that pain. Maybe one is biceps tendonitis, another is a frozen shoulder and another is a vertebrae in your neck pinching a nerve. So if whatever you’re trying doesn’t address YOUR root cause, then you’re not helping the problem, or worse, you’re hurting yourself further. Your pain can become chronic. Other body parts can start hurting as well. 

By coming in, we can test and assess your movements, strength and reflexes to find the root cause of your pain. (No more guessing!) Everything is connected so we will see what other body parts are affected or compensating for the pain. We'll also figure out WHY the pain started in the first place. Then we'll come up with a unique treatment plan to reduce the pain AND prevent re-injury. We want you to have lasting effects and not have the pain return over and over.

Then you'll wonder why you waited so long to feel amazing again. 😃 

Dedicated hands-on treatment for every patient
Dry Needling, IMS or Acupuncture can make a difference in your treatment
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