is a new, ground breaking physiotherapy method for whole-body assessment and treatment. Created by Dr. Linda-Joy Lee, ConnectTherapy helps you see how different regions of your body are connected; how your body and mind are connected. By looking at the whole body to determine the ultimate source of discomfort, you will uncover layers of adaptation your body went through to becoming the way it is currently.


For example, the nagging ache in your knee, despite not being injured recently, could actually be caused by a mildly misaligned collar bone from falls when you learned to snowboard eleven years ago. That collar bone is affecting your spine which affects your hip which is causing the knee pain. Any traditional treatments to and around that knee may reduce discomfort but the problem comes back because the main "driver", or root, of the pain has not been corrected. Correcting the driver will require undoing years your muscles have compensated for the collar bone by retraining the body and mind.


Luke Chang, a ConnectTherapy Series Graduate,  is continually looking for clients who want to see results that traditional therapy may not have provided, and who is willing to try this innovative and effective therapy. If that is you, please book online or call in to request a 60 minute ConnectTherapy Assessment. Follow up sessions will be 45 minutes long. 

Find out what story your body is telling.