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What about that mind of yours?

Do you ever have to do something, but your back's been achy and stiff, or you're not sure if you should be using your "bad leg" so soon, or you'll totally get to it once you feel 100% again? We understand!

In fact, as physiotherapists it's our very business to know the body and its capabilities and limits. We believe you when you say something hurts but be assured that while we may ask your body to do something that hurts you, we will not harm you.

In rehabilitation, sometimes the hardest obstacle to overcome in the healing process is convincing the mind to think past the current pain and trust the therapist. Particularly if the condition has been chronic and you've gotten used to a way of accommodating it. Breaking down scar tissue and strengthening the weakened muscles will hurt. After a session of manual therapy and doing your exercises, we understand your mind is saying, "This does't make sense! Why does it seem like it's getting worse!" But trust us, your body IS in good hands. Your body might hurt, but we'll never harm you, and your body WILL heal.

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