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Suffering from a recent or old sport injury?

If you could rid yourself of this pain so you can get back in the game SOONER and be STRONGER than before, you would, right?

A patient of mine was playing in a high level Ultimate frisbee tournament and crushing it with his team. He came to see me for a jammed and rolled ankle which was limiting him from walking properly. He needed guidance to understand his injury and how to treat it right. He followed exercises that restored his ability to make sharp movements on the field. He recovered and went on to win the championship with his team.

He didn't leave the injury to heal on it's own.

Nor did he think things would return to normal.

Neither should you.

A physiotherapist doesn't just help you recover from an injury. We're a coach who knows how your body works and what it takes for optimal healing so you can get back to the sport you LOVE.

If you have a chronic or recent injury but aren't sure what you need to do then see and physiotherapist and they'll help you out.

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