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Using the Online Booking System

Whenever I have to make an appointment, I feel a little anxiety over whether they'll have the date/time slot that I want. Usually they don't and then the conversation ensues over what's available and I'm scrolling through my calendar to check it's okay. But then I"ll forget about another commitment and have to call back to rebook. Not my favorite thing to do. We're pretty sure it's not your favorite thing either so we've partnered with JaneApp to provide you with a super easy and convenient online booking system! You can view at a glance which therapist and what time slots are best suited to your varied schedule. And you can do this from the comfort of anywhere you want, anytime you want!

Our therapists will usually have their schedules in the system three months out, giving you plenty of opportunity to book the exact slot you need. After an assessment, particularly if you're seeking treatment for a newer injury or dysfunction, your recovery will be maximized if you can see your therapist at least twice a week. We suggest booking your assessment and next few sessions all in one go so that you have the time slots you want. It's painless to cancel/rebook and the JaneApp system will send you reminders.

For instructions on how to use the online booking, please visit here.

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