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Get Ready to Get Pregnant

Mother's Day has just passed and maybe you're thinking of expanding your family. Your GP and various reading materials out there will tell you what to eat or what supplements to take in order to prepare your body for the toll of pregnancy. But don't forget that physically, carrying a baby is hard on your body!

Imagine carrying a backpack, with 25-40 lbs of heavy textbooks, on the front of your body. Your center of gravity is pulled forward and it's hard to keep balanced when you reach or squat or bend over to do something. Your back muscles will strain as well. It's a relief after an hour to take the backpack off! Now imagine having to carry the backpack for 40 weeks! Granted the baby does start small, giving you time to get used to your growing bump, but in the second and third trimesters its growth will be pretty fast and the strain on your body will be evident.

You need to prepare yourself physically for the extra weight...extra front-heavy strengthening your body now. These are some great exercises to start with (click on the links for pictures):

If you have any questions or concerns about your pelvic/low back area, whether before or after pregnancy, please make an appointment to see Jennifer Liu who has specialized knowledge to assess and help you out! All the best in your strengthening goals! Your body will thank you!

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