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Killer Foods

Now that the rush of Christmas is over, you may have some time to contemplate how to make the best of the year ahead of us. I highly recommend checking this documentary out. It makes a very convincing argument for being vegetarian and though I swear I will never be able to be one simply because I enjoy eating meat too much, I will be making efforts to reduce the amount of meat I eat.

Some quick take aways:

  • Animal fat (in meats and dairy products) literally flow in your blood for about four hours until your liver cleans it out. Which means if you're eating meat and dairy every meal, then fat is constantly flowing in your blood vessels.

  • Animal fat is SOLID at body temperature...which means after you eat it, it quickly solidifies in your body whether in your blood vessels or in your own fat store.

  • Animal protein causes an acidic environment in your body so your bones release calcium in order to balance the pH out...the more meat and dairy you consume, the more calcium you urinate out of your body.

  • There is nothing nutritionally in meat and dairy products that you can't get in plants. And plants will never give you high cholesterol or risk of heart disease.

  • Fat absorbs insulin so if you cut reduce your body fat, you free up insulin....diabetes is therefore, reversible

  • Our digestive system is far more like herbivores than carnivores...we are meant to eat plant foods

I love a good prime rib steak...but I love being alive, being able to ENJOY life more. It'll be my New Year's challenge to eat vegetarian a few days a week as well as to reduce meat portion sizes at each meal. It'll be hard, but health is worth protecting.

Hope 2017 is off to a healthy and happy start for you!

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