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Inflammation: How to recognize and what to do

After an injury, you'll see some or all of these symptoms. It could last several hours, to several days, after you've aggravated that joint.

That initial pain and inflammation might cause you to: • limp • hold back on applying full weight • change the way you step • guard your movement • restrict your range of movement • be more tense

It's your body's way of protecting you from feeling pain. Not a bad thing at first but when the inflammation and pain isn't addressed early, you might find yourself feeling pain elsewhere.

Now you have TWO (or more) areas of pain.

People have carried on for years with these layers of pain before coming to see me. Now the process of healing and correcting muscle use is now complex.

So, if you haven't returned to your full range of movement without pain after a week, please get it checked by a physio.

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