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What you don't know about INCONTINENCE

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

It feels inevitable and a sure sign of age. A sneeze or cough could trigger it. You wait a second too long to head for the washroom and then you can't get there fast enough. Exercise might induce it. You feel like you have the world's smallest bladder. You might try to shrug it off as being "over the hill" now. Or you reason it's to be expected after having kids. But you long for the dignity of having FULL CONTROL again. You are NOT ALONE in this. And it'll be a relief to know you're NOT destined to struggle with this the rest of your days. Most people don't know that 80% of people with incontinence can REVERSE this condition with pelvic floor therapy. You'll be able to move, laugh, work out and play with your kids with confidence again. Reach out to a pelvic floor physiotherapist to help restore control with respect and care. Be liberated from having to find the closest washroom all the time!

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