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Is Bowel Incontinence a thing?

Bowel control incontinence is a real condition.

What is it?

When you think of incontinence, most understand it to be about loss of bladder control. In a similar manner, bowel or fecal incontinence is the involuntary loss of stool or gas instead of urine.

Stress or urge are the two common types of incontinence.

Symptoms include:

  • Leaking stool when you sneeze, run, exercise, laugh, cough (Stress incontinence)

  • Problems getting to the bathroom in time (urgency)

  • Constipation

  • “Skid marks” on underwear

  • Inability to control passage of gas

It is a symptom of a physical or neurological problem and NOT a disease. Weakness or tension in the pelvic floor can cause this.

You might try to shrug it off as being "over the hill" now. Or you tell yourself it's to be expected after having kids.

But you've felt the embarassment of losing control and long for the dignity of having FULL CONTROL again.

You are NOT ALONE in this.

It'll be a relief to know you're NOT destined to struggle with this the rest of your days. And you can ease the mental burden of trying to prepare yourself for accidents anywhere you go.

Incontinence, even bowel incontinence, can be REVERSED with pelvic floor therapy. A misconception is that strengthening exercises or doing kegals would help. However tension or tightness causes incontinence too. A pelvic floor physiotherapist would be able to properly assess your situation and then treat accordingly.

You'll be free to move, laugh, work out and play with your kids with confidence again.

Reach out to a pelvic floor physiotherapist today.

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